The owners of the Harvest Moon Orchard decided to retire in 2022 and sold their property to the Lee family. Honouring the old township location they are Old Huntley Orchard. They’re continuing with the orchard and plan to go to Carp Farmers’ Market. We will keep this website active until late October 2023 so that our wonderful customers can find out about the exciting new plans.

Take a drive along the scenic Carp Ridge and see the beautiful farmland within the City of Ottawa. Our apple orchard boasts a large selection of heritage apples. Come visit for a taste of the past and select fresh fruit and vegetables or browse our country store for cider and unique gift ideas.

The store in the sunlight.
The store in the sunlight.

More than 60 varieties of apples, plums and pears!

All the fruit and vegetables grow just five kilometres down the road from the Village of Carp.

Local people, locally grown food!